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Youssouf El Azizi
A human first 🙌, from Morocco 🇲🇦, a mobile tribe leader at Obytes and a core team member of the Geekblabla community. I am an open-source believer and a part-time blogger. I mainly enjoy working with React and React Native and sharing my knowledge and experience with others through blog posts and talks.
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Laytoun' thoughts!
Failure sucks but instructs!
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Smakosh: A self-taught designer and developer dedicated to creating tech solutions that make a difference. Passionate about open source, startups, and building impactful side projects.
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Small bets to achieve financial independence
Chermehdi website image
Mehdi Cheracher's personnal Blog
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web_development - BrightShine
BrightShine , the young's blog
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Nimble Ways — Blog
Discover the latest news about technology, software development, UX/UI design, Business & Agile Methodology.
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Blog | Obytes
We're a team of dreamers and makers who create products that your users will love.
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Stay-at-home mobile developer
Aicha laafia – Medium website image
Aicha laafia – Medium
Read writing from Aicha laafia on Medium. A Java Software Engineer with a love for coding, a taste for delicious food, and a heart for volunteering. Every day, Aicha laafia and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.
Othmane N. – Medium website image
Othmane N. – Medium
Read writing from Othmane N. on Medium. Senior Fullstack developer & UX thinker based in Casablanca, Morocco 🇲🇦. Every day, Othmane N. and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.
Abdellfetah SGHIOUAR – Medium website image
Abdellfetah SGHIOUAR – Medium
Read writing from Abdellfetah SGHIOUAR on Medium. Google Cloud Engineer with a focus on Serverless, Kubernetes, and Devops Methodologies. A supporter and contributor to OSS. Podcast Host
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All posts
Collection of posts about fun abstract things, may include some non-sense
Ayoub Alouane — DEV Community Profile website image
Ayoub Alouane — DEV Community Profile
I am Ayoub Alouane, 29 years old, working as a DevRel and TechLead in Adservio, Moroccan coming from Africa, starting a new journey in France, I'm one of the leaders of the community of Qwik.
Blog website image
Developer Blog
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AWS Morocco
@AWS Morocco 🇲🇦 News, community and updates (not official).
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Soulaimaneyh – Medium
Read writing from Soulaimaneyh on Medium. Talking about #backend-engineering. Every day, Soulaimaneyh and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.
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Gwhyyy's blog, where you find unique content about challenges and solutions in Flutter & Dart, JavaScript, Linux, and more..
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The Blooog !!
Mohammed Daoudi aka Iduoad
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A list of awesome things in Morocco by developers for developers.

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