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🎙👨🏻‍💻GeeksBlabla 👨🏻‍💻🎙| Hottest technology trends, In Darija!   website imageNew
🎙👨🏻‍💻GeeksBlabla 👨🏻‍💻🎙| Hottest technology trends, In Darija!
🎙👨🏻‍💻GeeksBlabla 👨🏻‍💻🎙| GeeksBlaBla is a community initiative, to discuss, highlight and share the latest IT topics in Moroccan Darija.
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S7aba Podcast - Home
Minimalist cloud podcast powered by Moroccan Darija & Tea
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CouzinTech website imageNew
Listen to CouzinTech on Spotify. CouzinTech واحد البودكاست ديال تقرقيب الناب بين women in tech فالمغرب.
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Devs in Style
Listen to Devs in Style on Spotify. Devs In Style, the go-to podcast for Moroccan tech-savvy community seeking to improve themselves and their surroundings. We release new episodes on an irregular basis, so be sure to subscribe you'll like it.
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Kass Atay Podcast
Listen to Kass Atay Podcast on Spotify. Deep conversations with guests from all walks of life: Engineers, Public figures, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Journalists, Students and so much more. محادثات عميقة مع ضيوف من شتى أطياف الحياة: شخصيات عامة، مهندسون، رواد أعمال، سياسيون، صحفيون، و طلبة علم.
Yalla Let's Code Podcast website imageNew
Yalla Let's Code Podcast
A podcast where I interview software engineers and share their entrepreneurial journey.
Kubernetes Podcast from Google website imageNew
Kubernetes Podcast from Google
A weekly news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community.
ML B'darija website imageNew
ML B'darija
Listen to ML B'darija on Spotify. Podcast kanhdro fih bkol nsiabia 3la ML, AI. Ghadi nhdro fih 3la mawadi3 chwia advanced, ya3ni jib dakka w gls tekka.
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A list of awesome things in Morocco by developers for developers.

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